Day 1 – Munich, GER

Day one encompassed a flight from Boston to North Carolina to Munich. I got a beautiful viewing of the aurora borealis*.

Upon landing and meeting up with the team, we analyzed the weather (rain everywhere) and set off to Lermoos, Austria to scope out TP5. The initial plans were to start in Salzburg but that was too east and furthest away from better weather, so the goal was to migrate to the middle of the playground and drive to good weather the next day.

Rained out and damp, we opted for a light run up a hill before starting the drive to better weather south west. The run let us scope out Lermoos and start observing topology, features, and accuracy of the weather reports.

After a few hours of driving we found a desolate spot a few miles from the border of Austria in Silvretta and chose to camp there. It was an excellent first test for the van in seeing how it performed in the conditions (0C, wind, and heavy snow)……The next morning we discovered that 400 meters down the road was a road closure and camping in the conditions were completely unnecessary and did not cut time from the drive.

*To those curious, I set my camera to high ISO(800), largest aperature(1.5), and a 10 second exposure. Then to reduce glare I brought the window shade and covered most of the camera.

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